Folding Tent Professional Plus 50mmx2mm, Folding tent for easy and fast assembly. Formed by reinforced aluminum structure in silver color with telescopic columns hexagonal aluminum 50 x 2 mm. 35 x 18 x 1.8 mm aluminum pantograph profile. Die-cast aluminum and steel accessories. System locking with bayonet steel bolts. White upper canvas from series made with 450 gr m / 2 PVC-coated polyester fabric, with seams protected by thermo-welded tape. Also available in the version with fireproof fabric. Colors white, yellow, orange, green, red, blue and black. Standard accessories: Bag with wheels for transport. Ropes and pegs.

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Professional Folding Tent Plus

Folding tent for quick and easy assembly.

Features: folding tents made of reinforced aluminum, it is a quality folding tent, they are folding tents of easy assembly with a quick and easy installation.

This folding tent is built With a reinforced aluminum structure in silver color, the columns of these folding tents are hexagonal Telescopic Aluminum

The entire structure of the extendable tent is reinforced, the accessories are aluminum and steel. , makes this model of tent the most resistant removable tent on the market.

The measurements we have available of these Folding Tents are available in our catalog

This folding aluminum marquee model is ideal for events held outdoors, It is a folding tent for sports events, folding tent for markets, folding market stall, folding tent for fairs, folding catering tent, folding tent for stand, folding tent for terraces bars, etc.

Also sach4events decorates this fully waterproof and quality folding tent model It transforms it into a medieval folding marquee with a personalized decoration for medieval events.

sach4events has an approval form for the structure of this folding tent in all its measurements, signed and stamped by the engineering college, which is very important in this type of structure.

It is with all segSecurity that the 50 mm top model folding tent is the folding tent with the best value for money on the market.

Formed by Reinforced Aluminum structure in silver color with hexagonal aluminum telescopic columns

The blocking system the folding structure is with bayonet steel bolts.

35 x 18 x 1.8 mm aluminum pantograph profile.

Die-cast aluminum and steel accessories.

Locking system with steel bayonet bolts.

The top canvas of these Folding tents are white as standard, made with fireproof 450 gr / m2 coated polyester fabric, with reinforcements in the areas of greatest friction of the canvas with the structure of the tent and with seams protected by thermo-welded tape, which does this folding marquee whatever fully waterproof.

Sides with windows

Available colors, folding tent white color, yellow folding tents, orange folding tents , folding tents green color, red folding tents and folding tent color black.

Accessories for < / span> folding tents are made of die-cast aluminum and steel.

Standard accessories: Bag with wheels for transport. Ropes and pegs.
Weight of the 6 x 4 folding tent 50 mm Superior model: 71 Kg

Folded measurement of the 6 x 4 folding tent, 50 mm Superior model: 2.10 X 0.45 X 0.0.36

Shipment of folding tents in Spain, folding tents in the Canary Islands, folding tents in the Balearic Islands, folding tents in Ceuta, folding tents in Melilla, folding tents in Portugal, etc.

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