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Blinds.Protective screen / windblocker


The Blinds (screens) are always original pieces and with a certain exotic air. If you combine them properly, they can bring a lot of personality, for example, to your dining room. At sach4events, we propose a selection of screens of different styles for you to play and find the perfect design for you. You can use them as a room divider or to create a small space, you choose.

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Protective screen windblocker Protective screen windblocker
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Protective screen windblocker

Price €558.99

Protection screen / wind block Protect the environment in a restaurant or on the terrace. These innovative screens were developed against the spread of viruses (such as COVID-19). The protection screens can also be used as a wind block or terrace screen. Unbreakable plexiglass and black-coated bezel provide a strong, luxurious look. All of our wind /...