Cotton or canvas tents with the highest quality standards in manual work, offering a multiple variety of shapes and sizes with carefully thought-out and designed characteristics to be able to go camping with comfort, ease and style.

Cotton canvas tents are breathable, waterproof, sustainable and repairable. For these reasons, high-quality 100% cotton canvas has been the material of choice for manufacturing the most select stores for thousands of years. All our canvas tents are compatible with wood stoves for camping in cold climates, they also have a variety of zippers, windows and vents to customize ventilation in your tent in hot or humid climates.

Our selection of tents, “bell tent” tents, tepee tents or cabin tents offer a wide variety of sizes, characteristics and qualities so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you're looking for a family tent, a luxury glamping tent, a chic and stylish tent for a festival, or a high-performance tent for long seasons, CanvasCamp has something for you in every case.

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