Star Shaped Marquee Portable party and event marquee with professional performance and haute couture style.

StarShade tent

StarShade tent

The StarShade is a portable party and event store with professional performance and couture style.

  This Tent is based and developed on the high grip strength of our resistant waterproof canvas suspended by a single central pole.

  Tension can be adjusted with a built-in crank on the telescopic center pole for quick and easy installation. Six very strong 50 cm stakes and the aerodynamic shape of the cover or canvas make it a wind resistant structure and safe to use outdoors in all types of climates.

  Events in the rain are not a problem, as the optional side walls can also add personality if privacy is what you want.

  StarShade connectors can be used to create covered walkways between tents with the ability to create a tent with multiple spaces for your guests to explore.

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StarShade StarShade


Price €2,100.99

What do our customers like about our Starshade stores? So many things. Among other things, you will not find another portable or temporary store that is like this one, which has the same unique features and such a large amount of benefits. Take a look below to find out why you should be interested in this unique style store.