Poliester cushions

Polyester cushions

High-density sponge cushion and cover in polyester fabric.

Fixing system with velcro and / or polyester tapes.

Available in various colors.

• Double piping (both sides of the cushion).

• Material: Sponge and polyester

• Custom colors available.

• Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

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Our chair cushions offer that softness where you need it most. But you need a comfortable seat to make the most of your meal. Our cushions and chair backs provide the comfort you need for your event.

High density sponge cushion and fabric cover. Available in several colors. Velcro or tape fastening system.

• Extra soft 2 "cushions. High density thick foam. Typical industry cushions are 3.81cm one (25% smaller)

• Double piping (both sides of the cushion).

• Material: polyester

• Fits all Tiffany (Chiavari) and Napoleon chairs of all sizes

• Custom colors available:


• Total height: 5.08 cm´´

• Total width: 40.64 cm

• Total length: 40.64 cm.

• Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

• Weight: 1 lbs.

• Overall Height: 2.0” H

• Overall Width: 16.0” W

• Overall Length: 16.0” L

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