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The organic form of Flex carps is best complemented with the natural aspect of the wood. That's why we offer wooden pole games for your extensible carp.

The posts are equipped with pins and/or pins so that the straps and adapters are easily attached.

National pin treated and turned, Ø8x250cm

Length Meters


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The use of wooden poles is one of the most economical solutions for fastening our Bedouin tents, wooden roofs, or for the design of outdoor furniture.

Among the many advantages of wooden poles, it is worth mentioning their low cost, compared to metal or concrete, their installation, and transport costs which are also lower, and their physical properties: good resistance to bending and impact, good elasticity, and moderate weight. In addition, the treated posts require little maintenance, adapt to any climate, and are very durable.

Environmentally speaking, the chemical treatment of wood does not affect the environment since it is neither leached nor lost by volatilization and at the end of its useful life, it degrades. In addition, a good part of the wood sold by sach4events comes from farms with a PEFC sustainable forest management certificate and is a renewable natural resource.

Aesthetically, the treated wood posts have a good visual appearance since their natural color is integrated into the environment.

There are many types of post and we will choose one or the other depending on the application we require and the budget we have to carry out the work:

The amount of poles needed to depend on the size of your Flex stretch tent and its type (Q1/Q2/Q3). Make sure you pick the correct pole set for your Flex tent.

Flex tents Q1 & Q2

2.5m-Ø8 3m-Ø8 4m-Ø16
5m x 6.5m 4 4 1
6.5m x 6.5m 4 4 1
6.5m x 10m 4 6 2
8.5m x 10m 4 8 2
10m x 10m 6 8 4
10m x 12m 6 10 4
10m x 15m 6 12 6
10m x 20m 8 14 8

Flex tents Q3

2.5m-Ø8 3m-Ø8 3.5m-Ø16 4m-Ø16
6m x 6m 4 4 1 /
7.5m x 7.5m 4 4 1 /
6m x 10.5m 4 4 1 /
7.5m x 10.5m 4 4 1 /
10.5m x 10.5m 4 4 / 1
10.5m x 12m 4 6 / 2
10.5m x 15m 4 6 / 2
10.5m x 20m 4 8 / 3
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